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* You have all asked for this (some have even begged) finally, we got it for you. The Map is now BIGGER!! The travel map was small at 5x5, we increased the playing area to 9x9! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

* Wondering when your friend last logged in or if your gang members are active? Wonder no more, we have added a last login to Player Character Profiles and Gang Rosters so you can see who has been active and who hasn't.

* Gang Leaders, this is for you. No more have to constantly check to see if someone applied to join. Now you get an auto-notification in red, located in the top menu box.

* Good news for those who tend to get clobbered a lot. We fixed the experience you lose at death to not take a percentage of your total experience but rather a percentage of your current levels experience. So high level players you aren't going to get punished as much.

* Now when you have bonus' added to your stats you can see it in the sidebar in green, and in your character sheet it gives an exploded view of your bonus and your base stat. No more wondering what bonus you have or what your base stat was.

* Fixed a few bugs, namely you can't equip items outside your level anymore, and we fixed a few bugs with removal of gangers from gangs.

* As you know this game is free. However there are options to donate to the game. And we would like to show you what your generous donations have bought. We have hired our very own in house artist who is redrawing all the icons. We have finished with all the boot Icons and have now moved on to the Shoulder Pad Icons. Instead of showing you all the new stuff. We are going to give you a few sample. The rest will have to be found in game.
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