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Originally Posted by King Gary View Post
So 38 odd thousand years is quite a while. Plenty of time to evolve one might think (comfortably 1000+ generations).
Sorry, not even close. H. Sapiens Sapiens (that's us) has been pretty much the same for the best part of a quarter-million years (which in the grand scheme of things isn't that impressive there are spider species that haven't changed a jot since the Triassic).

That said - it's my belief that the humans of the 40k universe have had some artificial tinkering - both intentional and otherwise. Intentional improvements, probably by the Emperor in several different guises during the Dark Age of Technology and the Unification Wars seem likely.

We know that genehanced super-soldiers were common during the unification wars and many of these were probably not sterile or monks - they might have unintentionally passed some heritable characteristics to the population at large.

Case in point - stubbers are largely the same as modern balistic weapons (They probably aren't any worse!), and if you get shot by one then you will know about it. In rules terms a 40k human has fair odds of surviving. It's my belief that modern humans would be toughness 2/strength 2/Initiative 2 in game terms, possibly even 1.

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