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Originally Posted by FatBoyFat View Post
... the picture does look a little flat, but in rl it looks all right, but I'll give it a try with dwarf/elf mix, just very light and see!
As we ALL know, our minis look much better in person. All our colors and shading wash out and blend together giving our models a flat monotone look. And God knows that a flash makes it even worse!! So try this extremely easy and helpful technique. Get a pencil ready... You ready? Ok, here it is. Use a black background. That it. Simple as that. 98% of us use the automatic setting on our cameras and snap away. Right, but wrong. The camera automatically "sees" all the white and reads it as light. That's why your model looks darker and all the colors wash away, fade and blend in. If you use a black or dark background the camera will use your mini as the light source and automatically set itself for the mini and NOT the background.

Here you can see the difference between a white background and a black background. Both pictures were take with the same camera on 'auto' mode, at the same time, at the same location. The ONLY difference was the background.

The white....

The black...

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