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Uh, mind finding or quoting some source to back that up Ahab? (Where the Fang is the only mountain so large it breaches the atmosphere, and is the only mountain in all the galaxy to do so.) The Fang is merely a single mountain on a single world that is so great that it breaches the atmosphere. In all the worlds of the galaxy, it is not impossible to have other worlds with such things. The Fang is one of the greatest fortresses though, in that it is unique over any and all others like it.

The galaxy is huge, you can have worlds with atmosphere of sulfur and lakes of lava, worlds covered only in ocean, a planet who's only habitable parts are the tallest mountains while the rest of the world is covered in poison, planets that are all desert, all mountain, berated by gale force winds at almost all times, frozen balls of ice, and much much more. A single mountain being very tall is entirely possible, its a big galaxy.

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