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Can I crack armor? Certainly. Do I want to make every one of my lists with 30%-50% armour cracking units? NO! I would like to build fun versatile lists. In my local store the wall of armor dictates almost half my list design. That didn't use to be the case. I'm tired of fighting a ton of mech.

It basically comes down to if, I want to have half a chance of winning I have almost 50% of my list forced upon me because of the prevalence of mech lists.
I only dedicated 25% to 33% of my list to armour cracking in the past. This gave me alot of flexibility in list building. Meh I've been playing this game for years and I skipped 4ed entirely so I guess if Mech just stays out of hand in my area I can break for another edition. It just sucks, I like my codex its versatile, I just don't have any opponents who aren't hard core power gamers.

ok off to play may get some arbys or something. Green elf needs food badly!!

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