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Originally Posted by quachill View Post
Complaining done, going up to have my nids get ran over by the wall of rhinos and land raiders.
And thats why you are complaining. Nids are rahter new so there codex was built in mind wiht 5th gen. Also it semes funny to me that the person complaing aobut lots of tanks and lone modals beatting down the horde is very ironic(if thats the write word) from a player who has NO tanks and attakcs with the horde.

We need new codexs for Necrons, Dark Eldar, Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunters before we even think about a new rule book. Also it only came out a while ago and just becuase your army might be struggling you want to re-write the rule book. the main thing you do is build a new list to combat these problems. You can get sweepign advanced if your fearless so Synapse and get some Zaonthropes and monsters.

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