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Default Real Life Space Marines

A few day ago you have seen the project of Chaos Space Marines. Today it's time for us. We are makeing those since March 2009, and finally we are close to end.

On the beginning I'd like to welcome everyone here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, I'm from Poland (country in middle-east Europe ;) ). So I'd like to excuse all of you for my English, I'm not very good in it but I'm working on that.
The reason why I'm here is not that I'm playing WH40k but I like this Universe. I like it so much that I always wanted to have my own real SP (who doesn't ;) ).
The reason why I'm here is that I'd like to introduce you The Space Marine. Or I should say Space Marines.

Project is not done yet, but will be soon I hope. It is expensive thing, yet we are determined.

Firstly, we were hoping to built Grey Knights, but the whole idea failed with the painting for Polyester Resin. There no silver paint. Then we decided to choose are own Chapters and so begun the big thinking thing.

My friend whos name is Wojtek chose The Deathwatch
I chose Legion of the Damned

The pictures of WIP are below, the short movie is on the down of my post.

As you can see we still don't have belts and helmets. But we heve few ideas. For today we finished all layers of resin and backpacks (which are not on the pics)

Enjoy and stay tuned, updates soon. If you have questions I'll answer them gladly.


What can I say more. We have full capability of movements, lightness, defence and resistance.

We created then not only for Warhammer 40k, it's easy to modify then to any post-nuke full body armor. We'd like to use them in LARPs and convents.

And now the surprise. Converting them into Terminator armors will be quite easy. It's matter of changeing chestplates (which are easy to build) and higher installation of shoulderplates.

As I said, stay tuned, the newest picturest are in the movies.

Please comment ;)
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