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The Latest Updates

* We have restructured the way your characters stats look on the sidebar and in your character sheet. In the sidebar, if you are stats are white, then your stat is unmodified. If your stat is green, then your stat has been modified either from territories or from gear. On the character sheet, it will show you your total of stat modifiers plus your base stat for easy comparison.

* The last of the Boots is finally done, the Archeotech Boots...but those pictures will have to be found in game.

* Fixed the "Booted Player" notification bug

* Fixed the Gang Biography bug, you should now be able to write your bios with no problems.

* Fixed the inventory bug. Before you could equip items that were out of your level and they would stay equipped as long as you didn't look at your character sheet. This has been fixed, it will no longer equip at all.

* Thanks to the many generous donations to the Underhive we hired an artist to redraw all the monsters and opponents in the game! Slowly but surely we will be replacing all the monsters with our own original art. (And getting rid of the shambling green default monster!) We will be starting with the Flooded Sewers monsters.

* In the Gang Safehouse under the locations tab, you can now see how many and which gangers are guarding the different territories that you own. We also added an automated notification when you get booted out of a gang.

* Added 6 new items each one specifically upgrades one of the new skills. Look for them in Junktion?
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