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Originally Posted by Grinnsira View Post
Its a nice list. I just listed what I would change. As for the ironclad dread. I just finished mine. I took the dual fuel tanks from the old rhino kits and added it to the HF arm as well it added extra kewlness to the look.
And Im thankful for the advice man;) But Im not new to the game, so the standart competative choices I got the hang off. Just hoped for some out of the box ideas;)

Sounds cool with the fuel tanks, hope you post some pics.

@ mercer -> You are kind of repeating what the other guys already said. But you bring some stuff up I haven't heard before.
I can see the idea in dropping 2 dreads on the first turn, but then I need 3 drop pods total, and that does alot to the army build. I can see why you think its competative, but not in this list.

But lets get to the interesting thing you wrote. Running vindicators and predators in pairs. Why if I may ask?

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