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Originally Posted by Kaizer View Post

1500 points of Dornís finest
Artificer armour, 2 thunder hammers
Pts: 175

Command squad
2 meltaguns, 1 meltabomb, razorback w/ heavy bolter
Pts: 180

2 hunterkiller missiles, 2 heavy flamers, drop pod
Pts: 205

Sternguard squad (8-man)
2 combi-meltaguns, sarge w/ powerfist, rhino
Pts: 270

Tactical marine squad (10-man)
Meltagun, missile launcher, sarge w/ powerfist, razorback w/ TL lascannon
Pts: 275

Scout squad (8-man)
Camo cloaks, 6 sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher, sarge w/ sniper rifles
Pts: 148

Heavy support
Siege shield
Pts: 125

Autocannon, las sponsons
Pts: 120

Total: 1498 points

I played a handful of games with it by now and I think I seems to be working quite fine. The only thing I have been thinking about changing is removing one thunderhammer from the captain and the meltabomb from the command squad and giving their razorback a TL lascannon instead. Any other ideas.
While having two thunder hammers is damn cool it's costly and wastes the captains slightly higher initiative. You want something to fit in the fists theme take a relic blade and storm shield, much better and more survivable ;)

Command squad is nothing but bodybags for your captain - they'll get mauled in combat. If you upgrade them with power weaps and storm shields terminators work out cheaper, I'd go this route.

Consider giving the ironclad a meltagun because if you drop pod in near an armoured target your flamers aren't going to do nothing, only the h-ks will and you've got 2 shots only. Oh, you should take dreads in pairs and multiple drop pods because that single pod will come down and be unsupported.

A 5 man combat squad doesn't win combat whether got a power fist or not.

Meh on the scouts, you don't have enough troops either.

Both tanks are fine but you should take in pairs so you need to drop one or the other.

Hope that helps

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