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ACT ONE: The piper at the gates of dawn.

Ch4: Animals

Jack awoke again moments later, he heard the locals talking about him, he thought it was him. He stepped out of the hut they were holding him in, then he realized that he was in a village. The inhabitants were not human, no they were large wolf like humanoids, and Jack was one of them!

The largest of the group, Razor Fang, walked up to him, "As chief I have decided you need to prove yourself, you must help us kill off the foxes in our hunting ground." Jack thought it would be easy, he was a fucking wolf-man.

They made their way to the hunting grounds, it was a dense forest, the moon would reflect off Razor Fang's fangs. What Jack saw there were not mere foxes, they were the fox equivalent of whatever the hell Jack was. They were armed, Razor fang lunged towards one, and snapped his neck with his powerful jaws. Jack lunged towards the other one, and grabbed her by the throat, Jack had faced a dilemma, he had killed women before, but they were armed, horrible people, this one was just trying to survive.

He whispered while out of sight from the maniac chief. "Get out of here, I dont want to kill you, he does." She ran as fast as she could, and turned around "Thank you stranger." then the chief called out "Swiftclaw!" She ran. "Swiftclaw! Did you kill any?" He looked him over, "Looks like you did...... fine you're in." Jack then became Swiftclaw, he looked himself over, the fox was wearing red warpaint which fooled Razor Fang.


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