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1500 points of Dorn's Finest

I been wanting to start some Imperial Fist for some times, and last month I finally got started. At the same time a started playing in a new gaming club, who used some army building restrictions and some house rules. The army building doesn’t really hit marines, so that weren’t a problem, but they had everything with a WS and over 25% of their starting number to be scoring. It let me mix a lot of different things in, and not use all my points on tactical marines.

After some time I got myself together and wrote a nice all around list. It aren’t really competitive, but it is okay, in my book. What do you think?

1500 points of Dorn’s finest
Artificer armour, 2 thunder hammers
Pts: 175

Command squad
2 meltaguns, 1 meltabomb, razorback w/ heavy bolter
Pts: 180

2 hunterkiller missiles, 2 heavy flamers, drop pod
Pts: 205

Sternguard squad (8-man)
2 combi-meltaguns, sarge w/ powerfist, rhino
Pts: 270

Tactical marine squad (10-man)
Meltagun, missile launcher, sarge w/ powerfist, razorback w/ TL lascannon
Pts: 275

Scout squad (8-man)
Camo cloaks, 6 sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher, sarge w/ sniper rifles
Pts: 148

Heavy support
Siege shield
Pts: 125

Autocannon, las sponsons
Pts: 120

Total: 1498 points

I played a handful of games with it by now and I think I seems to be working quite fine. The only thing I have been thinking about changing is removing one thunderhammer from the captain and the meltabomb from the command squad and giving their razorback a TL lascannon instead. Any other ideas.

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