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Yes and no - Icon was just a spare 5 points to offer a degree of Tactical flexibility.

I've been wondering whether the list had enough punch and debating what to do about it... That swap doesn't quite work - two points short for Warptime even if I drop the Icon. Hmmm...

I could drop Icon, Mark of Nurgle and small PM squad for 5 Terminators: 4 Combi-weapons, Twin LCs, Chainfist? Or just go for the two Oblits.

If I go the Termi route I could take a TLC + Khorne Termie Lord for 140 - and find 10 points/lose Khorne (instead of the Prince).

Yep I'm defintely going to split them up - I just left as 3 for ease of reading (there should be an attached note really - 'in a config. suitable to game being played').

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