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Originally Posted by Boc View Post
Looks badass!

Now out of morbid curiosity, as I've never really had experience with this type of thing...

Let's see if I understand the process:

You use the program to digitally design a 3D image which is then printed onto paper. Is there a certain type of paper you have to purchase (I presume so) and if so, where do you get it from?

Once you build the suit, you mentioned coating it with resin, etc. How well does the paper-material hold up to the additional weight, and do you remove it once it has dried? (Yes I know, I'm getting way ahead!)

Great work so far though, look forward to seeing more

Fair enough, this is the process I'll be using:

So far I've started to resin my Chest, Helmet, Shoulders and part of my Bolter (started again and did it in cardboard for structural reasons), and I'll do the other parts later on. I have applied a few thin layers of resin over the top of the paper structures, once I've done this I'll be adding the extra detail, like ridges, arrows, spikes, things that are going to be a part of the armour. After this I'll then be taking some fibreglass and coating it on the outside (possibly on the inside too), this is to strengthen the structure.

After I've applied the fibreglass I'll be sanding it down, ensuring there are no enormous bumps, then after that I'll be getting body filler (Bondo if you're in America, which I'm not, so it's just automotive body filler for me) and smearing that on and sanding that down. That will make everything as smooth as possible so then I'll be able to paint it.

For obvious reasons, thick paper is much better. I'm using 150 gsm (grams per square metre) and most of the 405th guys are using 200~300 - but I'm happy with 150. You must be careful though, as some printers might be severely damaged if you try to print on paper that's too thick for it. For glue I use either PVA or my Glue Gun. The paper structure holds up fine against the resin, better than I thought, but it does depend on how strong the structure is in the first place. What I should have done and will be doing for my future pieces of armour is making a temporary drying stand (just made out of cardboard with the glue gun) so that it can hold the pieces in place, but not warp them while I work or while they dry.

You can't really take the paper out of the piece, it's basically what's holding it all together. It won't resemble paper when you're finished with it anyway (if you do it right, that is). This is the finished product of the process above, just with halo gear.

And all of that was paper (minus the soft armour underneath the plating) It's very surprising how good it can look afterwards, you just need to take your time. If you are considering doing this, then you can do worse than joining 405th and asking there.

Originally Posted by reddog9287 View Post
Wow Absolutely Fantastic! I'm from 405th and I was going to do a freehand fold and fiberglass then resin since my friend introduced me to Warhammer for Gamesday 2010. I was unaware that there were actually pep files for Warhammer characters until now! Would have been much harder to make armor without them. Your suit looks great. Is there any way that you can upload the files or send them to me?
http://www.4shared.com/dir/-dhpIoyO/sharing.html <-- that my 4shared folder full of the stuff I made (didn't make the 'regular space marine' stuff though), there are some doubles, and I really need to organise them at some point, so I suggest just download everything and go through and use what you want.

Good god this post is long.
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