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Default Descent into madness - generals 40K Chaos log

As my Tau are done (at least for the moment, see the log in my sig), I'm going back to my choas. My current chaos army is a Worldeater/khornate army. Squads of eight, no psykers, no havoks (although I do have ohne obliterator, because in competitive games their so useful). I started the army when I first returned to the hobby in 2007/2008. Its currently up to around 4,500 points. Currently, it has all the units I need for normal gaming, but I still intend to add a few more units which I've got conversions in mind for, which will take it to around 7,000 points.

I'm currently working on a jump pack lord with lightning claws to lead my raptors in my next apoc game. Here he is with the red basecoat:

Finally, a few pics of my zufor from forge world. This is one of my better painted models, mainly because I liked it so much, I was willing to spend more time on it. The cloack looks a lot better in person, as it were. For some reason the shading issn't coming out in the pics, also for some reason my camera has made some of the pics a bit yellow. The book behind is meant to be white.

I'll hopefully get pics of the rest up when I get them all out for repair/repaint before apocalypse.

Thanks for looking

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