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Originally Posted by fuzzyj_17 View Post
Daemon Prince
Wings, mark of S, Warptime, lash of S
Terminator armor, MoK , Combi-weapon, PF
Just 2 things with your HQ, the prince is still illegal as warptime is a psychic power as is lash (can only take 1 as you're not MoT), and the lord will be alot better running with dual Lightening Claws as with MoK the extra attacks are brutal (+1 from MoK, +1 from two CCW)

to get your LR up into where it needs to be (the assault boat), might want to add in extra armour to keep it moving. to do that you can drop the combi-weapon from the predator and downgrade the MoK on the raptors to a IoCG

Originally Posted by Bindi Baji
shoving your knackers in a jarful of hyperactive scorpions can also be done, quite frankly I fancy neither.
Originally Posted by ItsPug
Clarification: If you are female with boobs - congrats you've won. If you are a male with boobs - not so much.
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