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Originally Posted by fuzzyj_17 View Post
I'm coming back to 40K after 7 or so years and would like some input on the list I'm working on.

Daemon Prince
Wings, mark of S, Warptime, lash of S
You can only give 1 power to a prince unless it has mark of tzeentch, lash is best used in a pure lash list but these lists are not for friendly games. MoK is generaly considered the worst prince as an unmarked prince with warptime will out perform it. nurgle is good vs lots of low str hits and MoT is expensive but a bit of a beast if kitted with wind of chaos and warptime.

Terminator armor, MoK , Combi-weapon, PF
in the latest codex lords are the weakest choice for a very cheap cost you can get a prince with vastly improved stats, however i have said it before but an interesting setup is a slaanesh lord with wings and bliss giver daemon weapon is evil if very situational.

Terminators X5
lightning claw X5, heavy flamer, CW X2
Chaos termies can be very versatile but rarely stand up to thier loyalist counterparts especialy THSS ones, you also don't want to be footslogging or DSing and they simply won't be able to do thier damage because they will be dead before they can do anything.

2 (Space Marines X 10)
Rino IoCG Flamer X2
2 (Berzerkers X10)
SC w/PW, plasma Pistol personal Icon Rino
ok good you have plenty of basic troops, in this edition mechanised lists are king and so to combat it you need lots of anti tank. Use your CSM's but try get 2x melta in AT LEAST 1 squad you cannot kill a vehicle with a glancing hit unless you have a bonus to the damage chart roll or you have destroyed all weapons and immobilised it first, getting penetrating hits is vital.

Nothing wrong with zerkers and the champ with PW is nasty on the charge, however 10 is a little overkill, 8 is generaly enough to keep a few alive from your assault and finish them off during your enemies turn so you don't get shot at between your assault. If you get into combat with a dread you're screwed, a powerfist will negate that somewhat and double as some extra anti tank with 4 str 9 attacks on the charge, fitting fists instead of power weapons is pretty much the best all round choice this edition.

Glad you have rhino's, having enough for every squad is good

2 (Raptors X10)
AC w/Plasma p and PW IoK meltagun X2
my issue with raptors is that they die way too asy for my liking, at best you can hide them behind a land raider, but then i'd rather take a PM squad in a rhino with 2x melta

heavy bolters, Combi-weapon
i have a defiler and i stoped using him some months ago because it always died without doing anything, only AV 12 and such a big target it was taken out soo easy, if i was to used it again i would run a 2nd one to make them a real threat. Also just use 2xCCW you can only fire the battle cannon OR other weapons and i think you'd want to fire the S8 pie plate if you're going to shoot, then 6 S10 attacks on the charge is just evil.

TL Lasconnon
It's a pred, nothing much to say, i usualy reccomend fitting possesion to keep shooting don't let people shoot at your flanks.

total should be 2480-90

Suggestions for different squads or change the size of them. what are the best combi-weapons to use or are then not worth the points. any comments welcome.

Ok to summerise, it's not a bad list for friendly play but for me it lacks focus and synergy, for example you have a slaanesh prince with lash yet no way of getting the most out of it's use, you have a lord in termie armour and some termies all with lightning claws, i see focus there but all thats going to happen is the turn they DS they'll die that turn from every ap2 weapon the enemy has or if they footslog they arn't a threat untill close and by the time they get close they'll be dead anyway. to solve this they need a land raider to deliver them, that also help your raptors and prince as it's something to hide behind and your raptors have melta weapons to be a threat to enemy vehicles, so by 1 simple change you have increased 3 units survivability and thus increased thier chances of delivering thier damage to the enemy.

I talk waay too much so i'll just ask a question, it's your army so how would you like it to play?
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