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Why isn't it the Blood Angels that are the poster boys? If not for Sanguinius hurting Horus enough, the Emperor would have never been ablet to take hime down. Guilliman was a dumbass who got tricked by the Word Bearers and kept out of most of the fighting as they were held back. They even lost to the Alpha Legion and had to resort to orbital bombardment to finish them off.

Its only because they were so far away, and arrived long after the battle was already won by the other chapters, that they were the only ones left at full strength, and Guilliman seized command as the only one with the power to back it up, not because he was chosen to do it. Heck, three of the greatest primarchs, Dorn, Vulkan and Russ thought he was an idiot and didn't support his plans until they were forced to. Dorn having the Imperial Fists attacked on all sides by the imperial navy being the only reason he gave in.

Heck... Then later the Ultramarines got their asses handed to them by the Tyranids on their home planet and only just beat them back... yet, they're claimed to be the greatest? Yeah.. right...
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