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Bah! Sangunis and the angels turning to nurgle no matter what the dice gods say its never going to happen.

The betrayer : Konrad Kurze

Emperor’s Children =
White Scars = Traitors (Undivided)
Space Wolves = Traitors (Undivided)
Blood Angels = Loyalists
World Eaters = Loyalists
Ultramarines = Loyalists
Thousand Sons = Loyalists
Word Bearers = Traitors (Undivided)
Raven Guard = Traitors (Slanesh)
Dark Angels = Loyalists
Iron Warriors = Traitors (Undivided)
Sons of Horus = Loyalists
Iron Hands = Traitors (Khorne)
Death Guard = Loyalists
Imperial Fists = Traitors (Tzeenth)
Salamanders = loyalists
Alpha Legion =loyalists

Kurze was drivnen insane by the emporors lack of effection for him and was contacted by the dark gods. Kurze knew he would never take down his fathers empire with brute force so he adopted more subtle methods. On a visit to terra Kurze set a bomb in his fathers chambers but it did not explode. The emporor found out it was kurze and he gathered his fleet to crush him. Kurze fled he was chased by his brohers intent on spilling his blood. He reached the eye of terror where disapeared into it. The legions knew better than to attack the eye so they fell back. Over the next thousand years kurze planted his mean around important inmperial heald worlds ready for devastating chain of assasinations. During his time in the warp kurze had developed certain powers and he sent dreams to his brothers beging them to betray thier father for all of the wrongs he had commited. 7 Did, Kurzes men carried out thier assasinaions without fail and managed to kill warmaster horus. The legions that turned then attacked thier brothers and a massive civil war started.

current win rates;
csm 3/1/1
daemons 1/0/0

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