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I am really fascinated in the Horus Heresy, so when the Dornian Heresy came out over at the B&C it inspired me to make this random heresy generator. Who knows, maybe it could be the inspiration for your next army. So may I present:

Ragnar02’s Alternate Heresy Generator

The Betrayer

To decide who becomes Horus’ replacement roll 4D6 then consult the chart below. The Primarch next to the result of the combined dice has been chosen as the great betrayer.

4. Jaghatai Khan
5. Leman Russ
6. Sanguinius
7. Re-roll the dice
8. Angron
9. Roboute Guilliman
10. Magnus the Red
11. Lorgar
12. Fulgrim
13. Corax
14. Perturabo
15. Re-roll the dice
16. Horus
17. Ferrus Manus
18. Konrad Curze / Night Haunter
19. Re-roll the dice
20. Mortarion
21. Rogal Dorn
22. Vulkan
23. Lion El’Jonson
24. Alpharius / Omegon

Now for the loyalties generator. Roll a dice for each of the legions below = if the result is a 3, 4 or 5, then the legion and their Primarch remain loyal to the Emperor.

1, 2 or 6 then the legion turn their back on the Emperor and pledge their services to the Chaos Gods. If the legion is Chaos then you must roll another dice. If the result is a 1 or 3 then the legion have not dedicated themselves to any one god and become Chaos Undivided. The Primarch who was chosen as the Great Betrayer’s legion are automatically Chaos Undivided without rolling.

If the result is a 2, then this particular legion have become dedicated to Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways.

If the result is a 4, then the legion are changed in the bathing of their enemies’ blood and become servants of the Blood God, Khorne.

If the result is a 5, then the legion have been taken in by Grandfather Nurgle, the Great Lord of Decay

If the result is a 6, then the legion have been dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure, Slannesh.

If not all of the Gods of Chaos have a legion then you must make the last chaos legion/s dedicated to those gods/god. If there is still more then one then you must still roll but make it more restricted so its either one or the other.

There may ever only be one each of the four gods controlling a legion. If the dice is rolled and you already have a legion dedicated to that god, they then automatically become Chaos Undivided (for example, you roll the dice for Space Wolves and get Chaos, you roll it again and it come up with Khorne. But you already have the World Eaters as Khorne so the Space Wolves instead become Chaos Undivided).

There can only ever be 9 Imperial and 9 Chaos to make it fair, but you could change this however you want (just don’t claim credit please for the main idea).

Emperor’s Children =
White Scars =
Space Wolves =
Blood Angels =
World Eaters =
Ultramarines =
Thousand Sons =
Word Bearers =
Raven Guard =
Dark Angels =
Iron Warriors =
Sons of Horus =
Night Lords =
Iron Hands =
Death Guard =
Imperial Fists =
Salamanders =
Alpha Legion =

You come up with the background/history though. If you post it here and come up with lots of imaginative things then I will give those that I really like a rep point.

Hope you liked it and hope you post your ideas/results.

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but because their fate will one day be ours."
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