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my 1500 point 1k sons list runs as follows,

DP, tzeentch, wings, warptime, wind of chaos 205

8 Tsons, sorcerer, wind of chaos, rhino, 314
8 Tsons, sorcerer, wind of chaos, rhino 314
8 sons, sorcerer, doombolt, rhino 299

vindicator 120
vindicator 120
vindicator 120

some of my points totals might be out but thats what i run and it usually covers all bases pretty nicely, its good to have an army that you rarely have to change, when moving up to 2000 points consider dreads with eccw, another prince, more sons, possesion for your vindicators... a squad of vannilla marines wit melta in a rhino can be bloody usefull aswell!
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