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I work with a Jamaican dude who is the coolest mofo when it comes to that shit. In fact when something goes down at work like one person gets a fan replaced but he still has the same one as always you will never fail to hear the rest of us white assholes yelling out "it's because you're black", "what do expect them to do, help out a Jamaican", and "better hit that speed dial to Jesse man (Jackson for those unsure). Dude takes it like a champ and gives it back full on, laughing all the way. I have lost count of the number of times I have been called a cracker or some other ridiculous name by him lol. There is only one thing that is a no no with him and that is the word nigger which I can completely understand and I have to give the guy credit for coming out and letting us know that in advance.

Everything else goes though and I do mean everything, both ways. Hilarity always ensues.

It is too bad that so many people take this shit seriously, or honestly feel that a person of a different culture/background is inferior to them. I don't get it.

SIDE NOTE: Let's not let this devolve into a bitch fest ABOUT rasicm. That type of discussion belongs in the WNCE forum more than here but I am willing to let it go for a decent discussion so long as we all keep our cool. I will NOT tolerate flame posts in this thread, period. It will be an immediate infraction/ban to anyone breaking this condition. You are warned.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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