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Default Space wolves' hair advice?


I have a red corsairs army that I'm working on and after seeing this post I've decided to steal his idea. I bought the Space Wolves Pack (which comes w/ 56 heads!) and I plan on using the 10 as Chosen. The rest of the heads I would like to exchange for the bunny ears on my 40+ berzerkers.

I was wondering if I could get different hair painting recipes from you guys?

I would like to steer away from grey hair because I really can't see old veterans being converted by Huron. I think it would be mostly initiate blood claws.

Edit: Gathered recipes

Kurgan the Lurker's
  • Base: Ral Partha HellHound Brown
    1st Highlight: Delta Iron Oxide
    2nd Highlight: Apple Barrel Apple Cinnamon
    3rd Highlight: GW Blazing Orange
    Final Highlight: Vallejo Model #911 Light Orange
Bad Russian guy's
  • Base: Terracotta
    1st Highlight: mix of Terracotta and Vomit Brown
    2nd Highlight: mix of Vomit Brown and Fiery Orange
    Final Highlight: Fiery Orange
    wash with very dilute Blood Red.



Any hair ideas will be appreciated

"The strong are strongest alone." Lufgt Huron, Tyrant of Badab.

The Blood Reaver. Master of the Red Corsairs. Lord of the Maelstrom. Huron Blackheart.

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