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Originally Posted by Blueberrypop View Post
Just like your other fluff... simply amazing, I wish I knew how to give rep
Thank you and if you wish to give rep simply go to the top right corner of the post in question click +REP and then you simply go on from there.

Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
i agree with blueberry - utterly amazing.
Thank you its something I have been trying to refine for sometime.

I want my marines to be their own chapter; but in the reality that makes up the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 that would not be so easy without dire consequences. So I found that they must not be so different from a standard vanilla chapter and that I cannot make them as defiant or as prominent as more famous chapters like the Space Wolves or the Black Templars. I also did not want them having an obscure past and unknown origin like the Blood Ravens because I feel that by doing so one would be taking the easy way out and cheating their own creativity.

Now that my Black Dogs are more established I intend to post more fluff about my other various forces
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