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Thousand Sons or Death Guard for Holding ground

So I've assembled a 1k point list, played a few games with it. Had some fun, claimed some victories, and was handed some defeats. Now I'm upping the list and I was address a bit of a hole I have in my army, and that's the ability to take AND hold ground while still going on the offensive. I was looking through the CSM codex and I've come down to three choices.

Choice 1: a 20 man unit of Death Guard.
Plus: Toughness 5 against anything that is S7 or less
Blight Grenades.
Minus: Tend to burn up when exposed to plasma and Lascannon shots.
They don't like pie (plates).

Choice 2: a 20 man unit of Thousand Sons
Plus: a 3+/4+* save
AP 3 Bolters
Minus: Slow and Purposeful which gets worse if the Sorcerer bits the dust.

Choice 3: 2 ten men units of Thousand Sons in Rhinos
Plus: a 3+/4+* save
AP 3 Bolters
Can get to the Objective faster AND have the added abilities of the Rhino.
Minus: Survivability is cut down roughly to roughly 60% per unit
Costs Versus defensive fire power.

Anyone wanna gimme their opinion on these options?
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