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I'm assuming it calculates the individual probabilities of each result to give the average -because the definition of a statistical average (mean in english?) requires you do do so*- so why not include intervals of trust or perhaps even the individual probabilities of each shot?

A data I find particularly useful is the minimal trusted number of casualties. That is, The number of casualties I am 95% sure of going equal or above to.

For example : 20 shots hit on 3+ and wound on 4+ while ignoring armour save.
For this situation, I am causing between 3 to 10 unsaved wounds 19 times out of 20 and I am 98% sure to inflict at least 3 uwounds, and 94% sure to inflict at least 4.

I also know that I am gonna go over 10 victims only 4% of the time and less than once in a thousand times will I ever gonna be above 15.

I think a good statistical calculator should be able to give us that kind of information.

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