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* The Black Market has had a much needed make-over. As the rise in players increases so to did the items on the black market making it almost unusable. Now, you can sort the items by seller, by type or by cost. Also, we added the picture of the item so you know exactly what you are getting as well as the required stats to use the item, no more guessing an hoping you can use it.

* Tired of being stuck in a sewer or mine with a long trudge home? Now you have the option to teleport back to Rico's (for a nominal fee of course, but hey it beats walking) The teleport option is on the lower left side bar.

* Are you in a stagnant gang, and you think you have the gears to do better? Well, now you can vote for a new leader, or campaign to have other members of the gang vote you as leader. And to the gang leaders...careful, just cause you started the gang, doesn't mean some upstart Juve is gonna come by and take it from ya!

* A bug were territories were charging to often instead of hourly has been fixed.

* All ads have been removed from the game! (The Eastern Fringe banner takes you to the home site of the Underhive)

* And a few new layout changes have been added (and continue to be added) through out the game.

* Items that are equipped no longer count towards your inventory total

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