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Default Combat Calculator How-To Guide AND Feedback/Suggestion Thread

The Heresy Online Combat Calculator has finally gone live and I'm really excited about it, but some of you may be wondering just what the hell it is and how it works.

To be brief, the Combat Calc is a tool for using math to determine the average effectiveness of a unit or piece of wargear (that's that MathHammer stuff you hear people talking about). Just plug in the numbers and it'll give you the average results.

Using the app is really simple. All you do is input the stats of the unit attacking and the stats of the unit defending.
If you have multiple weapon types in an attacking group, just click the 'add group' button and input the stats for the different model.

For example, a marine combat squad with 4 boltguns and a meltagun shooting at something, you could make group 1 the four models with boltguns, and group two the single meltagun.

When you hit calculate it'll give you the total results as well as the results for each type of model.

It works the same way in assault. A charging combat squad of marines with a PF sarge would have one group of 4 models with two attacks (since we're assaulting), and a second group of one model with three attacks and a powerfist. And again, it'll give you the net result as well as results by group and (in assault) by initiative.

Because we're using math to give you the average result, rather than the probability of a given result, the output is in a decimal format. This makes perfect sense for infantry vs infantry because you know you will generate multiple wounds and kills, so 3.35 models kills makes more sense than saying you have a 335% chance of killing a single model.

This is carried through in the vs vehicles section, even though to some it doesn't seem as intuitive to have a result of .33 destroyed results. Why not say 33% chance of getting a destroyed result? Because with weapons or units that generate multiple hits, or against multiple vehicles it goes back to not making as much sense sense once you start rcking up multiple results.

That's the basics right there. But The HCC is anything but a basic app. We've got some really interesting features here, so let's take a look at them.

Template: You'll notice the little dropdown next to Template. Since we can't determine how many models your template is going to touch we let you figure it out for yourself and select a number. This number is multiplied by the number of shots and/or models firing. We're assuming all your flamers can hit the same number of guys. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can always do multiple groups of flamers with different numbers of hits. In any event, selecting a number of template hits turns on Auto-Hit as well as Ignores Cover.

Blast: Similar to templates, we can't predict how many people you'll nail with a blast, so just select a number and it'll auto-hit that many per morel per shot. It also turns on a new box in the output giving you the offs of a direct hit (including scatters that turn into 0" after subtracting BS) as well as the odds of your shot scattering a given amount of inches, letting you know if that scattered blast could still be useful. For a standard blast template you know that a 1" or 2" scatter could still hit enemy models, or maybe even keep the hole on an enemy vehicle.

Gets Hot!: Click this checkbox and it pops open two new input fields, one for the firing model's armor save and one checkbox for if he has Feel No Pain. It will also give you a new results field for how likely you are to kill one of your own models with an overheat.

Hits On/Wounds On: These options are for if you have a weapon that always wounds on a given number but *isn't* poison (because of the poisoon rule that allows you tor reroll wounds if the strength of the weapon is higher than the defender's toughness), or if you have some special rule or effect that allows you to always hit on a given roll (such as wolftooth necklace in assault).

Get URL: This button spits out a unique URL with all of your variables factored in so you can link it in forum debates, or bookmark your favorite unit setups.
Here's an Example You'll notice it;s really huge. Always best to use the [URL=] and [/URL] tags when you use this feature.

In the output you see what each individual group did and the net result to the enemy unit (including their chance to fallback in shooting). You also have a new option: BB Code

Click the BB code button and it spits out a nice hunk of code you can copy and paste right into a forum post, like so.


Tactical Squad (Boltguns), Tactical Squad (Flamer), Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher), Tactical Squad (Sarge\'s Plas Pistol) vs Defender Group

Calculations by Heresy Combat Calculator™ (powered by HAMulator™)



Tactical Squad (Boltguns)
Shots: 14
Hit Chance: 66.67%
Hits: 9.333
Wound Chance: 66.67%
Wounds: 6.222
Unsaved Wounds: 6.222
Models Killed: 6.222
Options: Ignore Armour

Tactical Squad (Flamer)
Shots: 1
Hit Chance: 100%
Hits: 3
Wound Chance: 66.67%
Wounds: 2
Unsaved Wounds: 2
Models Killed: 2
Options: Ignore Armour, Ignore Cover, Auto Hit, Template Hits 3

Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher)
Shots: 1
Direct Hit Chance: 44.44%
1" Scatter: 7.41%
2" Scatter: 9.26%
3" Scatter: 11.11%
4-6" Scatter: 22.22%
7"+ Scatter: 5.56%
Hit Chance: 100%
Hits: 2
Wound Chance: 66.67%
Wounds: 1.333
Unsaved Wounds: 0.889
Models Killed: 0.889
Options: Auto Hit, Blast Hits 2

Tactical Squad (Sarge\'s Plas Pistol)
Shots: 1
Hit Chance: 66.67%
Hits: 0.667
Wound Chance: 83.33%
Wounds: 0.556
Unsaved Wounds: 0.556
Models Killed: 0.556
Options: Ignore Armour, Instakill



Defender Group
Hits: 15
Wounds: 10.111
Saves: 0.444
Wounds Lost: 9.667
Models Lost: 9.667 / 12 (80.6%)
Chance to fallback: 27.78%

Heresy Combat Calculator™ (powered by HAMulator™)
Viola! You've just shown exactly what happens when a tactical squad opens up on a squad of guardsmen. Not good for the guard.

Once you've tried it on for size, feel free to post with suggestions, feedback or questions about the app.

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