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Default The Garden Of Eden

this is a story that i am writing based on several dreams that i have had. C&C welcome

Ch1: High Treason

The year is 2078 and humanity has discovered space flight. A recent operation to kill a arms dealer on Earth's Sahara desert was failed, the agent who failed the mission, in order to cover up an incorrectness of information, is being tried for high treason. This is his story:

"Jack you realize this isnt personal, we just need someone to cover our asses." General Stewart said, "So I'm just a scapegoat?" Jack replies "Essentially, yes. We aren't going to have you executed though. We are deporting you to a tribal planet instead." Jack looks up a the general "And how exactly do we expect the public to deal with this?" the general starts talking "once there you will be administered a shot that will help you cope with the environment."

Ch2: Interstellar Overdrive

They board the ship that will take him to the planet. They arrive months later and awake out of cryo stasis. "We're here Jack." The pilot says "Eden 2." The shot is administered "okay now when you are on the surface there may be some minor side-effects."

He is sent down to the surface and it begins.

Ch3: A Saucerful of Secrets

He takes only four steps before he passes out. He awakes days later in a hut. He is surrounded by wolf-like people, one is talking to the others in a raspy and angry tone "Why are we helping an off-worlder!? What have done for us other than dump their garbage, namely him, and leave!" Another "person" starts talking aswell this one had grey fur and spoke calmer. "Calm yourself Razor Fang, just because you are chief doesn't mean you can ignore the wishes of the of the elder council. Quiet! He is waking up!" Jake tries to move his head, it seems to have more weight to it than normal. Then he tried to move his hands, he looked at them. They were furry claws! "Calm yourself Swift-Claw, you are new here."

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