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I'm pretty sure I'll be fighting mostly IG, SM and Orkz as that's what's been selling out at the only shop in the area that sells 40k, but I'm sure there are at least 2 Nid players as well. The Icon of Slaanesh on the Chosen was for deep striking the Obliterators in while tank hunting (same goes for the personal icons on the Noise Marines). While I'm on about the Chosen, should I throw plasma guns, meltas or a splash of both in there? As for Havoc launchers on the Rhinos...well, I was told that was a silly goose idea and they should probably go away.

About how many SB's should I have on the Noise Marines, actually? I assumed the more the better.

I'm also worried that I don't have enough bodies on the field, would a squad of regular Marines be suggested, or is the troop number okay?

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