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Sorry for the delay on posts, I've been busy with RL. Studies are a pain in my back at the moment. Should clear up within a couple of weeks so I'll just have to keep my head floating and paint as much as I can on this army.


I have made some progress since last time. Apart from painting I'm soon to be overwhelmed with unopened boxes from the new BA-line. I've already recieved the first boxes and I'm putting together my first batch of death company marines aswell as converted HQ-choices and sergeants from the sanguinary guard box (which I do not plan to use in my army so I figured I could spread their lovely pieces around).

I've also decided to paint my death company in a white scheme (like Angels Encarmine in the codex) to keep at it with the white (perfection is a must to reach ). This will prove an interesting challenge aswell since it means I have to paint a white rhino (with freehand art), 2 white dreadnoughts and, sometime in the future, a white Land Raider Crusader. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it of!

I've been fidling around with names for the chapter (this appears to be the hardest thing thusfar ) and came up with a few options for now, at the moment I'm considering: Carnelian Wings?


Anyway, that's just about enough blabber from me, on with the pictures, as 'promised' here's the other side of the rhino (as you can see the rhino is still not completed, weathering to be done, hatches to be done, highlighting isn't completed and so on and so forth):

And here's the big surprise for this update, Battle-Brother Mavolent in his Furious glory (Where I tried both ways of painting battledamage on white - I think the CCW look great personally. Small things still to be done, highlight on the feet isn't what I want it to be, no text on the scrolls, no basing. Still have to convert Blood Talons for him, other than that he is pretty much finished now):

If you have a keen eye you'll notice the pattern on some of the plating, I stole inspiration for it from the mineral jasper. I thought that it would break the red surfaces a tad and give him a more ancient and personal feeling. It's however very hard to reproduce patterns of minerals without alot of fiddling, but you can see what I was aiming for here:

And to finish of the pictures and to keep the troops coming, a lonely assault marine:

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