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Default Your army/armies (pics are encouraged!)

Ahoy, mateys!

I'm feeling quite proud now. Just recently, I finished painting the final model in my first propper army ever. In other words - I've finished my first army!

(Someone should congratulate me!)

(Ladies and) Gentlemen, I hereby present to you... The Angels of Vendetta!

(My apologies for the horrible image quality. My camera just isn't made for taking pictures of small things that aren't extremely close...)

1500 points of pure Unforgiven l33tness! As you can see, I have a rather low model count, but that's the whole point - the whole chapter is made up from the veterans who barely survived its near-extinction. This, of course, forces me to play defensive and keep my units close together, but so be it.

Also, notice how the Land Raider isn't all lame and generic like 95% of all other Land Raiders.

All comments would be dearly apreciated. If there's anything you want to know about it, ask all you want.

But I'm not gonna use this occasion to keep rambling on about my own army. What I want you to do, is to present your own army, or more likely, armies. Say something about the fluff behind it, the basic concept, the units it's composed of, paint scheme, strategy and watever else you may want to tell.

Pics of your armies are of course preffered, but are far from compulsory.

I'll be seeing you guys arround.

- Cheers, DME.
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