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[QUOTE=Culler;60796]The furious charge bonus is added after the pfist/dccw/pklaw bonus. For normal nobs this means their 4 str is doubled to 8 then +1 = 9. For dreads and warbosses they are 10+1...in theory. Furious charge is a modifier that doesn't do anything to the normal base stat just like 2 ccws give you an extra attack but don't change the base profile. [QUOTE]

Again we get back to that the power fist/klaw doubles the Str to a max of 10. We also have that the Str vs Tough chart only goes to a max of 10 on each. Not that we cant all figure out the pattern to determine what 11 works out to be but it is not intended for us to use it that way. Untill the Blood Feeder came out I dont think we really had a case for when GW intended anything to go past 10 and with Ork warbosses now Str 5 instead of 4 they broke their usual pattern of having FC + PK/PF combo.. It is my belief here that GW didnt intend for this and probably didnt think about it. Again GW does not imploy rules lawyers for their testing purposes so they have become very willy nilly about throwing about new rules that are possibly broken and untill they decide to make a FAQ about it well.. If it becomes to much of a sore point just flip a coin and press on with the game.

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