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Originally Posted by gen.ahab View Post
#3 I would allow them to capture me but I would bring some sort of blunt force weapon. There is nothing more frightening to a frail xeno than being trapped in an enclosed space with a being swinging a large bat about its head with utter disregard for its own safety.
Thats assuming that your captors are foolish enough to let you keep a blunt weapon about your person. That and assuming they let you have it, you realize these are beings that have reflexes far above what humans are capable, some of their motions you can't even see. If they are giving you a weapon, the torture has already begun.

Originally Posted by ElTanko
3: Die, don't think anyone is sadistic enough to get tortured by those guys!
Might want to read some of the other replies in this thread, at least one person so far has said they would want to be tortured.

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