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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post

1: If you had a choice between becoming a necron or simply dying what would you do?

2: Likewise, serve chaos or accept death?

3: Let the DE capture you or take the bullet?

4: Fight the tyranid to the finish or just end it?
1. Servitude without will for all eternity as a machine or death? Its essentially the same thing because I will no longer be me, just some metallic shell with a powerful gun unable to have free will or choice of my own. Death.

2. Here we go, maintain my free will but depending on which god, if any, favours me a corruption of my morals. I'd serve chaos, because evil is but a matter of perspective; freedom from pain, to know what will happen, to find limitless pleasure, to be tough or strong, to potentially become so much more than I am right now, to see things or go places I could never dream of normally. Sure why not.

3. No brainer here; if they are capturing you, its for endless torture that they can and will drag out for what will become an eternity regardless of how short it may turn out to be. I'll take the bullet.

-That being said, there is a short story in, I believe its Let the Galaxy Burn, where a commissar and some guardsmen are captured and brought to Commorragh. The guardsmen want to just kill themselves but the commissar inspires and leads them to escape, resist, and kill some Dark Eldar before they are all killed. Sometimes you can do more, no matter how little it may in fact be, in captivity than by simply rolling over and dieing.

4. Each and every 'nid killed may mean and do nothing, but if they are gonna kill me than might as well waste a bit of bio-mass in the process. You can do more, regardless of how little, by living for that much longer rather than just letting yourself die. Fight to the finish

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