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1: If you had a choice between becoming a necron or simply dying what would you do?

to be homest i dont think you would get a choice it as we are human not necreonic so we just get flayed.

2: Likewise, serve chaos or accept death?

death my ex wife got my soul as well as the house.

3: Let the DE capture you or take the bullet?

strap me up crack on.

4: Fight the tyranid to the finish or just end it?

cack my pants but fight as long as i could.

Originally Posted by Jdwoogie
It just dawned on me that we turned a thread on a warhammer 40k site into a thread about vesectomies.... AWESOME!!! To bring it bit back on topic... Did the doctor use a frost blade to perform the precedure? i really hope he didn't use a thundar hammer.

Originally Posted by VanquisherMBT
Don't wanna read about some big breasted maid milking her dairy cows then milking the horse.

Who the feth milks a horse?

Yer i know my spelling and grammer suck but just so you know its not me being lazy just thick
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