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He better be the most powerful unit in the game. He is 275 flipping points! Thats more than an upgraded Chaos Land Raider...

I have seen an army list that had 2 HQ not even adding up to 275 points. For that many points he should have wings, count as cavalry plus have full mastery over his weapon!

Ok that is a little overboard, but you see where I am coming from here. He IMO still should have mastery because his true limitation is that he is a slow foot slugging terminator. If you put him in a Land Raider that is way to juicy of a target. I mean come on, the least amount of points that Land Raider would be (for it to actually make sense) is 585 points, and that is with 3 generic Terminators and Abaddon.

But enough of that short lived rant, Bishop is correct if he rolls a 1 for the number of attacks then the "Billy Badass" of Warhammer 40k can't attack that turn and must make an invulnerable save or take a wound just like all the other Daemon weapon wielders. And trust me it really sucks when this happens, especially if he is going up against the 155 point Avatar of the Bloody-handed God, and that cheap fiery bastard cuts him down in 2 turns. (Speaking from past experience)

In short I don't use Abaddon anymore.....

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