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Default Would you submit?


1: If you had a choice between becoming a necron or simply dying what would you do?

2: Likewise, serve chaos or accept death?

3: Let the DE capture you or take the bullet?

4: Fight the tyranid to the finish or just end it?

For me, with little to lose, I would:

1: Submit. An eternity of gradually declining sanity fuelled by hatred is... I don`t know, but I would do it. I cannot die, and there is no punishment for failure. What`s to lose?

2: Die. Chaos will not simply let you fade if you fail. Better to be dead than damned, this was an easy choice for me.

3: Similar story to chaos, a death wish does not mean I want to suffer. I`d rather it be quick.

4: Fight. Let my last moments be a testament to my hatred for everything I have cause to regret.

Don`t answer if you don`t want to. I just have a morbid curiosity and was wondering how people would react in different scenarios of death and defeat. That`s why only those four races are up there, the rest fit in one way or another.

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