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Default The New Carstein

Captain Vorstral led his Greatswords through the dense undergrowth, as the forces of Nelson Von Carstein swelled with numbers of dead ratmen, they got up, mindless husks of what they used to be babbling and frothing at the mouth, the already present zombies were once – for the majority- proud, upstanding Empire citizens now degraded to naught but rotting flesh and dry bones.Even as the elite of the Emperor's troops, several of Vorstrals younger soldiers started retching at the very sight of these twisted, abominations that stood still as rocks, outside the keep of their enemy, the captain led his troops round the side of the tall castle to a less heavily guarded gate a group of 15 skeletons shambled over silently, weapons scraping on the ground, their bleached skulls showing nothing but a dull red glow in the eye sockets, the captains unit numbered just 10 men but this was not disadvantage to him “come on lads!” Vorstral roared “they die just as easily as men!” to prove his point he clove one of the monstrosity's down in a single powerful sweep of his blade, his men – instilled with courage – the Greatswords charged at the foe, the captain smiled - if the rest of the mission would be this easy, the better knowing full well that the reason the skeleton died so easily was due to his magical, crackling blade and that the skeletons greatest weapon was the fear the commanded. Vorstral and his men crept up the stairs of the large tower, knowing it would be where the youngest member of the Von Carsteins lay, dormant, for now, suddenly nimble humanoid creatures seemed to scuttle in the shadows but their was something about them that seemed strange ainly the fact the walked on arms and legs, they leapt out so fast, like green blurs upon his men, this time they out numbered 8 – 10 but it seemed impossible for the Greatswords with their huge weapons to strike hits upon them 3 men were killed outright screaming as they were torn asunder and Polarian died but not before he wrapped his strong fingers around the things neck snapping it under his huge strength, Vorstral swept his blade up sundering a ghoul's head from its shoulders, the rest of his men managed a strong counter attacked and sent 3 scuttling back to the shadows from whence they came. Had he not the finest men in the Empire,he had personally trained them all and today he was proud. “Come on boys, I think its this way” whispered to his 7 remaining men, as not a second later a a huge shriek that seemed to smash right through his skull rang out and killed 4 men, spasming on the ground like fish, Vorstral rose to his feet to see a pale ghostly figure clawing one of his mens eyes out and the pair of remaining men swung their swords through her body not harming he, Vorstral walked over to er and swung a mighty blow that broke through the ether and killed her, then a deep, evil voice came from behind him “Well, havent we been busy” said a tall figure draped in deep purple robes, with a corroded breastplate that glowed blue the same for his legplates he carried a Night Blade that was so glowing with power, that his eyes ached to look upon it, “Nelson Von Carstein” he said, bowing slightly “you have proved yourselves worthy of my master ship, and who knows you might even become one of the family,”pausing slightly “Brother. Don't be a fool and resist” “In the name of the Emperor!!” screamed one greatsword and flung himself at Von Carstein. The young vampire sidestepped the viscous attack and clove him in half as easily as a knife through butter, he stood back revelling in the blood of the dead foe, the vampire radiated power. “Ok “said Vorstral “take me i want to be like you” he whispered” suddenly the man to his left burst into flames. “He tried to kill you” he said simply “I wont let my brother come to harm now, would I” as he sank his teeth into his neck.

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