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Something to make you think.

Hi there,
Now when i was at my local GW recently the staff member at the time got me and about 8 people all thinking about this so i will share his views with everyone here and see what you guys think.

Now in this pic its shows Horus standing over the body of sanguinius(dead) and horus is armed with a mace and his power fist/claw thing.fullview_emperor-horus.jpg(p.s first time uploading pics so not sure how this works)

now that is all good and as you can see from the same pic the big E has a sword which is still all good, but if you look at the wound inflicted upon Sanguinius in this pic.fullview_emperor-horus sang.JPG

It shows that it is a exit wound which a mace/claw/fist cant make, it is we reckon a sword wound and as the Big E has the Sword(you can see where im going).

Now this is the only evidence I have to support this claim but it is something to make you think, im not saying this is what happened but these pictures point that way.

let me know what you think

Cheers Jimbob

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