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no Lash?

not a complaint or oversight on your part, but it seems “competitive” lists rely on Lash as the end all and be all.

i’m glad you don’t, since most units are in transports any more…any way:

the list looks solid. The only things I would question is the Noise Marines and the bikers.

if geared for assault, drop the Blastmaster and give he champ a Doom Siren, other wise drop the Sonic Blasters, PF, and even the rhino and have them sit at home.

typically to get the most effectiveness from a Blastmaster (or so goes the general consensus) is to have it sitting at home and providing fire support. With the set up you have, a Doom Siren would be truly devastating.

the biker squad is too small to be effective, IMO, so I’d drop it. You could use it to add a couple of NM’s or use the points for a sit at home squad of CSM with something on it.

excellent starting effort mate.

good hunting.

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