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Default GT 2000 fine turning

Hey guys like everyone am looking for a few more sets of eyes to look over my list. I have been playing smaller versions of this list in local tournaments and doing fairly well (second place at last 1500). With a local GT coming up need to expand and fine tune. I'm currently on the road so I don't have my book on me. Only cost I'm not sure of us the extra armor on the landraider which ice put at 15. All suggestions welcome and thanks in advance. Total army so far is 1984.


160 Daemon Prince - Wings, MoS, Warptime

160 Daemon Prince - Wings, MoS, Warptime


208 Berserkers x8 - Champ, Powerfist

260 Noise Marines x6 - Blastmaster, rest with sonic blasters, champ, powerfist, rhino

266 Nurgle Marines x7 - Plasmagun x2, Champ, Powerfist, Rhino

266 Nurgle Marines x7 - Plasmagun x2, Champ, Powerfist, Rhino

Fast Attack

129 Chaos Bikes x3 - IoCG, Melta Gun x2

Heavy Support

150 Obliterator x2

150 Obliterator x2

235 Land Raider - extra armor (priced it at 15 points but don't have my book with me)

Models: 42 (4 vechicles)

Scoring Units: 4

Kill Points: 13

Posted from cellphone so aplogyies for formatting and spelling errors.
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