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Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

I'll experiment more on the battledamage front when I start painting the second assault marine squad, I'll see how your suggestion works out then Viscount Vash. I like the look of the damage, I find it adds alot of character to the miniatures.


I still have no conclusive idea on the chapter name (most ideas I get sound to cheesy for my own taste). I'll see what next week brings me on that front.

On the painting side I've done a few assault marines and started on my first rhino (my first real attempt at freehanding) aswell as tweaking with the first of many dreads to come:

Rhino (Right side; Aiming for some kind of "flowing fabric" feel with this one. Personally I think the photo lets it down a bit):

Dreadnought (Furioso, magnetized the end of the arms (I can switch them for 2 chainfists making it look eerily similar to a khorne dreadnought. I'm thinking about converting suitable blood talon stand-ins when I get a better idea of how I'd like them to look):


Squad 1, sofar:


I'm hoping that the rhino provides me with enough insight about freehanding to make something worthwhile on my dreads (aswell as the other rhino-chassi tanks and even drop pods).

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