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Default 2+ Dccw

Hey guys got a question which i think i already know the answer to tho would like to make sure.

With dreads who can have 2 or more DCCW's do they get an extra attack for having 2 close combat weapons. I know they get an extra attack for each addition one but could you get another for every 2 DCCW's you have on your dread.

For example:

dread with 2 dccw's would have 4 extra attacks as standard (2 standard + 1 for an extra dccw + 1 for having 2 ccw's)

dread with 4 dccw's would have 7 extra attacks as standard (2 standard + 3 for an extra dccw + 2 for having 4 ccw's)

Iv looked in the rule book and in the search engine and couldt find anything that has covered this.

The thing that makes me think it cant is that a dccw is a vehical upgrade and not mentioned in close combat weapons but on the flip side in the rule book its counted as a ccw.

So what do you guys think?
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