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SHarrington's description of the rules fails to note that there is no clear indication that the rules actually work that way.

For the purpose of what follows, please take note that the scope is only the rules as written in the rulebook, and for the sake of discussion I am going to treat the rulebook FAQ as not existing. Please don't respond to any of this with something stupid like "You can't hurt units in transports" because the rules don't actually say (or even imply) that anywhere.

Let's say that there's a 4" long transport positioned so that half of the transport is out of range of a an ability or power or effect (such as a psychic hood, or one of the area effect psychic powers, or a 6" vehicle explosion). Let's also say that there are ten models in the transport. So pick any arbitrary number of models from in that transport and try to determine where they are and whether they are subject to the effect.

The only statement we have to use in the rules for determining whether or not any members of the unit are subject to the effect is the statement on page "If the players need to measure a range involving the embarked unit (except for its shooting), this range is measured to or from the vehicle's hull." and the statement on page 66 that ranges and line of sight for models firing out of fire points are done from the access point.

If it was trivial or obvious how to determine whether any particular model is in range, even though the unit is in range, then the rulebook FAQ for using psychic powers on embarked units wouldn't have to start with the phrase "For simplicity's sake, ..."

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