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As the Imperial fleet aimed their guns to the city below the astropaths on board the Angel's Fury yelped in surprise, yelling hysterically to the fleet's space marine Admiral "Lord, enemy ship are heading towards us from the other side of the moon!"

with seemingly no emotion at all the Admiral picked up and spoke into the vox handset on his plush command chair's armrest "All ships, disregard previous order and prepare for ship to ship combat, I repeat prepare for ship to ship combat"

as Caleb heard the announcement over the speakers in the hangar bay he turned to the astropath of the Thunderhawk he recently had just been riding in, "Astropath what has happened?"

"A fleet of those filthy Tau xenos has rounded the moon and are coming withing gun range, also you are to report to the bridge" replied the astropath

when Caleb got to the bridge he was surprised to be surrounded by other members of the 1st company and to be met by the fleet admiral

"Brothers we have a problem"........

WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR.....*necron warrior turns around to the necron behind him* Hey Bob? what did we come for?!

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