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eep!! 5 days since my last update. I have been lax

Unfortunately, the reason I've been a bit lax on my updates is simply, I haven't really done anything that I can show you. Well, until yesterday that is. I've picked up another droppod for my collection of deepstriking doom.

Although this kit is a PITA to clean up and build, it is fast becoming one of my favorite GW kits. So far I've painted all the metal areas. Its been nice just smashing paint onto a model for a change.

I'm aiming to get the base coats on for the blue and white tonight, but that all depends on whether I end up getting some gaming in. After I've basecoated it, I'll be leaving it for a while, so that I can finish up the combat squad that I'm about 8.53% of the way through. After I've finished the combat squad, I'll finish the drop pod, then I'll go out and buy the second combat squad. Well, thats the plan anyway. But as with all of my updates, you'll probably see all sorts of stuff before I actually get that lot finished.

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