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Thankyou Templar for you encouragements

Chapter 6

Neski observed the room he was in, this small room where he and seven of his battle brothers would make their last stand and die honourably in battle. He never thought his final fight would end like this, blocked in, he always thought he would die on some glorious battlefield somewhere with his entire Chapter present around him like the ancient Astartes of Old.

Kyrils’s orders had brought his concentration back to the immediate threat at hand,
“Fire whenever you spot them coming brothers, don’t wait!”
Neski heard the faint patter as brother Ploss thrummed the grip of his bolter in anticipation. He could do nothing but wait behind his brothers for the coming fight, and hopefully pick up any weapons that dropped.

Unexpectedly a missile had flown into the bombed out window bay where brother Bartemus was firing from earlier and detonated. The blast had injured Apothecary Demski, Doelago and Graves. Demski’s white armour was charred with smoke rising from it, a large hole exposing the apothecaries burnt and mutilated back, bits of bone could be seen jutting out from the grievous wound.

Graves was on the floor; his helmet had caved in revealing half his face as a fusion of burnt flesh and ceramite casing. His screams were horrifying as he writhed on the floor in agony.

Doelago appeared to be the least hurt, the shockwave of the blast had thrown him against the side walls and bits of shrapnel were stuck in several of the grooves of his armour, but that was about it.

There was no time to attend to the injured as Sergeants Kyril’s voice boomed; “Hostiles!”
Within seconds the entire room and corridor beyond were filled with the thunderous sound of bolters being unleashed, walls, floor tiles and bodies were cut in to pieces on both sides. Neski grabbed Bartemus’s heavy bolter and joined in the fray.

Ploss grabbed a frag grenade from his field belt and lobbed it at the enemy Astartes on the far end of the corridor. Unfortunately he was cut down as he threw it, his ceramite armoured casing could not stand the monstrous hail of fire power being unleashed.

“I’m not dying like this!” Waltz declared; he grabbed his chain sword and pressed the activation stud.
“If we go out there we’ll be cut down brother! before we can even do any damage!” Kyril said through bitter frustration.
Both warriors turned as a chainsword screamed to life, Neski was stood by the bombed out window bay, he looked at them both with a wicked smile and a glint in his eyes.
“Surely not brother!” Kyril said waveringly.
“See you on the other side!” Neski said before he turned and jumped out of the window. Waltz didn’t need persuading, he followed suit.

The massed cream armoured Astartes below were caught by surprise, the last thing they had expected of the surviving Night Stalkers was for them to jump out the window and meet them head on. In his fury Neski landed atop two Astartes, knocking them to the floor before quickly slicing his chain sword through their exposed necks, with blood spewing out everywhere and covering him in blood and gore. Waltz swung his chain sword out cutting a couple of heads of, before firing his bolter point blank into his enemies heads, the tightly packed Astartes could not manoeuvre themselves properly before a third one had jumped in amidst their ranks and cleaved his own bloody path of destruction.

Within moments lay the bodies of their fallen foes, they were unstoppable in their desperate fury. It was not long before their enemies managed to overcome their surprise, as Waltz was knocked down with bolters hitting him at his side.
Neski witnessed a cream coloured Astartes extinguish his entire magazine clip into Waltz as he lay there bleeding and helpless on the floor. With a roar he charged at the Astartes knocking him down and penetrating the warriors eye lenses with his chain blade, blood splattered all over his helmet.

Before he knew it an explosion erupted near him, killing ten marines in one go. Looking up he saw two black Thunderhawks bearing the Night Stalkers insignia unleashing their deadly payloads into his enemies. He almost burst into tears at the sight of his brothers rescuing him from his enemies, as two assault squads jumped out of the side hatches, their lightning claws seething with energy in anticipation for the slaughter that was to come.

The enemy marines retreated back from the Night Stalkers reinforcements, leaving their stranded comrades to be butchered by the avenging Astartes. Neski saw the fifth company’s marking on their pauldrons and knew Captain Boris Borvais the ‘back breaker’ must be leading the charge. The Captain had a fearsome reputation amongst the Chapter for his unmatched skill with a powerfist. His preferred method of killing was to crush the enemy with his unstoppable fist and hear their bones crack and crumble from the pressure, one of the most painful ways to die for anyone. The death was not quick, it would be painful and slow.

A black gauntlet presented itself to Neski, which he grabbed to help haul himself up.
“Sergeant Kinsky of the Fire Fist Squad,” the warrior said introducing himself.
“Sergeant Neski of Terminas Squad, third company,” Neski replied in exhaustion. “Thankyou for your timely rescue!” he added.
“We never leave a brother! Now hurry we need to get you back to the ship.”
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