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Originally Posted by scubamansam View Post
looks good
do you have any assualt squads for him torun around with?
He does, but I intend to give him a prettier one to run around with at some point soon(ish)

Originally Posted by primeministersinsiter View Post
How about an unhelmeted dude shielding his eyes looking in the distance?
Maybe another could be taking cover being the bike?
This has given me an idea. I'm going to have a tech adept changing the tyre, while the marine guards him. This way I get to paint a bit of red too.

And now to updates:

I've been busy this week with a bit of this and a bit of that. I've had multiple appointments and I had to go raiding on WoW. I have been busy with the painting too though.

I've finished 2 guys from the assault squad, the second one will have a decent base, but I'm waiting for glue 'n stuff to dry first. 2 more to paint and then I think I'm going to have to pick them up a drop pod to harrass people with.

As well as painting the assault marines, I have been touching up the paint on a model here and replacing a model there, but nothing I really want to show in this log if I'm to be honest.
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