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The sound of the orks reached the Imperial position long before they came into sight, but the defenders had already hidden, the remaining Imperial guardsmen were in hidden foxholes, with the last few Kasrkin at the most vital positions, the space marines hid in the camouflaged trenches around the hangar, and the scouts hidden atop the roof with sniper rifles trained on the camp entrance.

But none of them were expecting what they saw, a huge ork and so big it made the Nobs surrounding it seem tiny and with a roar the sound similar to a battle cannon, the Warboss and his nob squad charged into the compound and stopped in the central area in front of the hangar

"Where all dose dead 'umies, I left un ere" the warboss mused, deep concentration writ across his bestial features, and then the warboss yelled "Boyz get in ere we gots us a fight!" and with two loud cracks, the nobs on the left and right of the warboss fell, with gaping holes through their foreheads.

"All squads attack!" Caleb roared over the vox channels and was replied by the roar of heavy bolter fire shredding into the Ork mobs charging through the compound gates, sniper rifle fire dropping more Nobs and the whip crack of lasgun fire coming from the foxholes and the high pitched scream of the assault marines jet packs, as the tore out chunks of the milling mobs of orks.

Then Caleb activated his jump pack and sored towards the Warboss, closely followed by his veteran squad, with a righteous roar of fury the Veteran sergeant hacked into the large ork with his power axe, splitting the xenos from head to crotch, Caleb straitened himself up, yanking his axe from the blood sodden earth, wathcing as the Orks started panicking; fighting amongst themselves in a desperate attempt to flee, but were cut down but the scything heavy bolter fire, lasgun volleys and the fury of the assault squads attacks.

After the Orks had been exterminated the sergeant from the devastator squad reported the losses to Caleb, during the battle three astartes had fallen, along with an kasrkin sergeant, also ten guardsmen were wounded and one of the assault sergeants had lost an hand and was being treated by the apothecary.

Then the vox-caster started beeping, Caleb picked up the hand set and was met by the voice of his Captain " Sergeant, thunderhawks are 3 minutes from you position, get ready to leave"

"Yessir" and Caleb put the handset back on its rest " All squads when the evac gets here get the wounded on first, so move!"

later, after the imperial fleet turned the planet's surface to glass, in the chapel of the Battle Barge Angel's Fury Caleb was and his squad were promoted to the 1st company by Commander Dante himself and were all gifted with terminator honors, and thus ended the Ork infestation of Hounourus Prime.

WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR.....*necron warrior turns around to the necron behind him* Hey Bob? what did we come for?!

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